My Makeup lessons are always tailored to you and I will come to you so you can be comfortable in your own home.

The lesson can cover anything you want whether that would be learning how to apply just foundation, eye makeup, how to use your current Makeup to its full potential, being able to create a day or evening look by yourself or even if you need a new Makeup collection and would like to see how to apply products but also get some recommendations.

The lesson is completely tailored to you.

Makeup Lessons are not one size fits all which is why I tailor my services to your needs and what you would like to get out of our time together. I want you to come away not only feeling that you have mastered what you wanted to cover but that you also came away with value for money.

I love to share my skills and knowledge which can be anything from being new to  Makeup and wanting to know how best to apply products and more importantly what you need in your Makeup Bag. The lesson can even be tailored to literally going through your current Makeup Bag and discovering the best way to use your current products and getting advice of which items are not required or need replacing. I can even provide a tailored lesson on how to mast your Foundation routine or a Smokey Eye or Eye Makeup in general or you may want to do a routine from start to finish, the choice is completely yours.

Our time together lasts anywhere from 2 hours to 2.5 hours however if you feel you would like some extra time with me you can add on additional time to our lesson.

Makeup Lessons carried out in the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

If you would like to get in touch with me to check my availability and to make a booking please contact me here.
I am more than happy to travel to where you would like me to be, I cover the first 20 miles from Alton Hampshire Free Of Charge for Makeup Appointments only, for my Beauty Services I cover the first 10 miles. 

Journeys after the first 10 (Beauty) / 20 (Makeup) miles will be charged at 0.45p per mile to and from the location.